There is a concern regarding shade construction at the Koda Dog Park. I mentioned that the original funding for the shade structure to be built for the park occurred during the June 14, 2022, city council meeting. I am concerned that the shade was not created even though it was supposed to be up this past Summer.

            Three council members (Shaw, Meadows, and Williams) told someone in an organization that purports itself a reliable news source that approval of the park shade happened mid-June 2023. The action at the time was to reaffirm the June 14, 2022, approval.

            A significant concern for me is I see City Hall members moving back into the “gaslighting atmosphere” used by prior councils and former City Manager Bryan Montgomery to deceive the public and keep people silent. I do hope we do not return to those Montgomery Days.

I have provided links to the June 14, 2022, city council minutes and highlighted the shade approval.

I have also provided a link below to the projects approved on June 14, 2022; I highlighted the shade structure approval.

I have provided a copy of the article that appeared in a self-proclaimed news source—notice no byline.

George Fuller, Ed.D.
     City Councilmember, City of Oakley, CA 

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