Yesterday, I found a door hanger on my front door. The door hanger, which indicated Greg Enholm, a Los Medanos Community College Trustee up for reelection, is financing Alaura, Williams, and Moat’s election campaign, along with his own. Enholm is funding a “slate for Oakley” City Council campaign.

Last night I read the “fine print.” On the front of the door hanger, at the bottom, was a declaration that Enholm will support a bond measure to Los Medanos Community College to build a library with Oakley’s government. If the bond measure passed, Oakley residents and other adjoining Cities’ residents would experience a tax increase on their properties. The “game plan” would then be for Alaura, Williams, and Moats to place a similar bond measure in front of Oakley’s residents to fund the other half of the library. If that bond passed, it would be a “double whammy” for Oakley property owners. All this would be completed by 2022, which means if the voters were to elect Alaura, Williams, and Moats, the three would have to work immediately to achieve the bond measures by 2022.

The door hanger explains the four made arrangements with the three service clubs in Oakley (Rotary Club of Oakley, Kiwanis Club of Oakley, and Lions Club of Oakley) to support the measure. Also, the collusion of the four is a direct violation of the Brown Act in my perspective.

The City of Oakley can not support such bond measures, especially placing a heavier property tax burden on Oakley property owners. Councilmember Alaura is well aware of this situation. She pushed most for the extravagantly priced recreation building by financing it with Certificates of participation, which has indebted the general fund for over $600,00.00 for the next twenty years. Alaura demonstrates she has no qualms in reaching into Oakley residents’ pockets so she can build “pet projects.”

A link to the door hanger is below:

George Fuller, MPA, MA