Oakley residents need to hear the call and stand tall with the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District (ECCFPD) firefighters. The Oakley City Government has cheated the ECCFPD out of millions of dollars of funds, exposing the Oakley citizens to an extreme fire danger situation. ECCFPD has issued a demand for those funds and a demand for the City to mitigate the fire danger of the Oakley residents.

            The City Council will discuss the ECCFPD in closed session on Tuesday, October 13, at 6:30 p.m. The ECCFPD firefighters need your support by attending the Council meeting (virtually, the instructions are on the Council agenda) and addressing the issue just before starting the closed session. There is always an email available to the Council members to voice your concerns and ECCFPD support.

            The ECCFPD acknowledges the Oakley Government’s gaslighting and skullduggery, including the City Manager Bryan Montgomery’s. I share in their assessment of our Governing members.

            The only way to stop this nefarious behavior is to elect three new members to the City Council on November 3. I ask for your vote to join that team to provide a new direction for Oakley.

A link to the ECCFPD correspondence to Oakley is below.


George Fuller, MPA, MA