My name is George Fuller, and I am a retired teacher and police officer running for a first-time seat on the Oakley City Council.

Oakley is a dynamic community with incredible potential for exhilarating growth. I am hearing residents of Oakley wanting a new direction for their city government officials. I am asking you to allow me to be an impetus for change in Oakley – a resilient path with integrity and accountability.

There are five priorities I would like to address with your permission: They are 1) child care provided on a 24/7 basis. Parents will be returning to work post-pandemic. As those parents do so, the work schedules will be demanding, with many working more than one job to regain financial stability. Oakley needs to stand with its families and provide viable child care for its children. 2) Create a downtown park where families can enjoy picnics and strolls when they visit the area. The park would be in place of the “railroad station.” There is no longer a need for a “commuter train,” with a 300-car parking lot downtown. 3) Focus for the Oakley city government to provide “basic services.” Our tax money needs to go to the police, parks, road repair and other essential services. No more tax money to “select private developers.” 4) Councilmanic Districts created to facilitate fair city council elections. The only mechanism available for municipal elections with social justice is district councilmembers. 5) We will provide proactive code enforcement in our city. Such implementation maintains the viability of our neighborhoods.

Oakley needs leadership that respects and trusts its citizens. I ask for your vote on Nov. 3, to create that leadership.

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 George Fuller, MPA, MA