A Planning Commission in Oakley would allow the community to determine the new path of development for Oakley. Currently, the planning decisions are by one person, Bryan Montgomery, the City Manager. The City of Oakley budget allows for two people in the planning department. Montgomery can terminate their services with the City of Oakley, at will. Montgomery has earned a reputation of being hostile with those persons whose thoughts differ from his, so the Planning Department delivers what Montgomery wants to hear from them.

The Council awarded Montgomery an election proof contract (or so they believe). The result is Montgomery has autocratic authority within Oakley. The councilmembers vote the way Montgomery dictates. So, any development plan Montgomery “dreams up” goes forward and is approved.

An Oakley Planning Commission would allow community members to develop the City in a direction the residents would like in their town. An opportunity for community input and community guidance. The entitle of the voters’ voices heard regarding the future of Oakley.

Creating an Oakley Planning Commission will entail three new persons to be placed on the Council dais. I ask for your vote on November 3rd to be a part of the team that creates an Oakley Planning Commission.

The link below is to the City of Oakley budget page for the Planning Department.

(Please note the budget for the two-person operation is over $821,000.00. There is an allocation for $350,000.00 for services, which seems an extraordinary amount of services for a two-person operation.)


 George Fuller, MPA, MA