The City of Oakley owes the dog owners who use the Koda Dog Park an apology. The dog park was to have shade areas installed mid-July, as promised publicly by City Manager Joshua McMurray. Unfortunately, that did not happen Consequently the dogs, and people, were subjected to the perilous heat we experienced this Summer without adequate protection from the Sun. 

Funds for shade protection in the Koda Dog Park were initially approved when the park was approved by a previous council. People in City Hall deny this, and the tape evidence is gone. Fortunately, there are documents that say otherwise. Over two years ago I began requesting the construction of shade areas for the dog park. Finally, last year, funds were approved. In June of this year, during a council meeting, it was announced the construction of the shade would begin mid-July this year. That obviously has not happened. Mr. McMurray has offered to set another date, but at this juncture, I no longer have confidence in any date proposed. 

I must apologize to the Koda Dog Park users. My Spring and Summer have been filled with activities regarding completion of my Doctor of Education in Special Education Degree from the University of San Francisco. My available time became constricted and I relied on the word of City Hall that shade was going up. I will ensure from this date forward, while I am a member of the Oakley City Council, that I will personally inspect proposed building sites to ensure the needs of Oakley residents are being met. 

I offer special apologies for the dog owner whose dog exhibited heat stroke symptoms while at the dog park. Shade should have been available to prevent this from happening. 

George Fuller, Ed.D.
     City Councilmember, City of Oakley, CA 

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