A promise of fee free recreational services for Oakley’s children. The City of Oakley has been offering recreational opportunities for children during the pandemic, at $200.00 a child per activity. In other words, a family heavily impacted by the Pandemic with three children were forced to pay $600.00, a tidy family sum during these hard times, or forego a “break for the kids.” Thus, it seems that the City of Oakley is intent in serving only an “elite” in the City regarding recreational activity and turn their backs those heavily impacted by the Pandemic. My intention is to open recreational services for all of Oakley’s children.

            The City employs only two part-time persons to address all recreational services. There are several part-time employees to assist in providing recreational services. The budget is dismal by any comparison with the needs of the community. The only method of ensuring a sound recreational services budget for Oakley children is to put three new councilmembers on the Council dais come November 3rd.

            A link to the City of Oakley recreation budget is below.


George Fuller, MPA, MA

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