There was a post on a short time back by an individual “who had inside scoop,” that there would be an Amazon warehouse opening soon in the Contra Costa Logistics Center. Other Nextdoor readers chimed in saying different people had informed them that Amazon was coming to Oakley.

            Eventually, Mayor Romick posted on that the City could not “confirm” that Amazon would arrive soon Oakley. However, the developer NorthPoint (reported to be from Kansas City) would put forth a news release concerning the Contra Costa Logistics Center shortly.

            The activity reminds me of the past “city council election gaslights” promising, before the election, all sorts of “nifty things” coming to Oakley. Those “nifty things” never materialize. In the 2018 election, the construction of the downtown medical building was announced coming, which would be “so cool” for Oakley. Yes, even the medical building construction sign is now gone. Yes, there will not be a medical building in Oakley.

            Thursday morning (August 27) during a service club meeting,  the Oakley City Planner Josh McMurray stated he expected Amazon to announce, “in a few weeks,” that Amazon was going to occupy one of the buildings at the logistics center. Later, that morning Mr. Montgomery confirmed he also expected Amazon to make the official announcement, and he expected it to take place mid-September.

            The residents of Oakley have been gaslighted many times by its government. I do not have confidence in their proclamations. Until I hear Amazon announce they are opening operations at the logistic center and see activity supporting that announcement, I will perceive the claims as “election gaslighting.”

            The gaslighting during the 2020 election will be particularly cruel in my perception. Reports are one in five people who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic, and the jobs they lost have disappeared. Oakley government officials indicating that “Amazon is coming” to garnish a few votes would be cruel. People will be devastated, believing there is “some hope” soon the future, only to discover that the promise was false.

I support “glimmers of hope” for my fellow members of the Oakley community. I will, though, wait for tangible direct evidence from Amazon that they will be locating in Oakley before putting any substance in our Oakley government’s words.

George Fuller, MPA, MA

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