Last Tuesday night, August 11, Kevin Rohani, Oakley’s City Engineer, provided an update regarding the train station to be built in Oakley. His sincerity was much appreciated. Mr. Rohani informed the persons present that the construction of the station will begin in 2021, with the hopes of being completed by 2022. Indications are that the City Council will bring the construction item to a public vote soon (in my mind before election day). Mr. Rohani went on to indicate that a railroad organization has not agreed to make a passenger pickup in Oakley. The issue is still “being resolved” by the railroads. Also, Mr. Rohani stated there is a “belief” that the station will enhance downtown. No detailed study exists substantiating that claim.

            Mr. Rohani also informed the public that the purpose of the reconstruction at the intersection at OHara Ave and Main St was to facilitate entry into the train station. (The rebuilding cost approximately $500,000.)

            Mayor Romick informed everyone that the City would be the only contributor to the upcoming construction project. No outside money would be involved.

            It is becoming more evident as time passes that the train station is a gaslight that is rapidly growing into a boondoggle.

George Fuller, MPA, MA

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