The upcoming Oakley City Council meeting (September 8) has an item allowing a favored construction company, R&R, to build a 10,000 square foot facility mid-block Main Street. The facility will have a rear parking lot, constructed by the City, and designated for use by the building owners. Again, the City of Oakley needs to stop subsidizing “favored friends” to create businesses of questionable profitability in downtown Oakley.

            Summer Lake is in imminent peril of a firestorm in its location. In the event of a fire, the only feasible evacuation route for Summer Lakes residents is East Cypress Road leading West. As we know, East Cypress Road is a narrow two-lane road with limited shoulder space. All residents of Summer Lake will be on the road as they flee an inferno, along with residents of Bethel Island and those who reside along Dutch Sleuth Road. During their flight, firefighters need to contend with the oncoming traffic to be able to bring their fire apparatus into the conflagration. Yes, an ugly picture for sure!!

            In my perspective, lives will undoubtedly be lost in the area unless the City of Oakley takes responsibility for its Summer Lakes residents and widens East Cypress Road!

            Citizens of Oakley need to inform the current City Councilmembers of their concern for the safety of all residents of the community. Contact the councilmembers today and tell them no more City money to be spent downtown in any fashion until the widening of East Cypress Road is complete.

City councilmembers must take responsibility for our sisters and brothers living in Summer Lake and ensure they are safe and secure.

To ensure the safety of Summer Lake residents Oakley citizens must put three new persons on the City Council dais November 3.

George Fuller, MPA, MA

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