Oakley is to have a new police chief arriving during the first few days of August. The chief is to be selected by the City Manager, Bryan Montgomery, without approval from elected officials (city council members). There will be no opportunity for public debate of the selection or citizen approval of the person Montgomery selects.

            The Oakley Municipal Code, section 2.2.114(c), reads:

             c.    Appointment and Removal of City Officers. It shall be the duty of the City Manager pursuant to Government Code Section 34856 to appoint and remove all officers and department heads, including the City Clerk and City Treasurer, but excluding the City Attorney. The City Manager shall either approve the appointment, removal, promotion or demotion of all other City employees or authorize department heads to appoint, remove, promote or demote in certain classes of positions subject to all applicable personnel rules and regulations which may be adopted by ordinance or resolution by the Council.

            We are all mindful that the new chief of police will be critical for us to ensure the professionalism of our police department post-pandemic. The responsibility of maintaining public safety, and public confidence in our police officers at the same time, will be an awesome responsibility, at least in my mind. The public needs to be a part of the decision in naming our new Oakley Police Chief.

 I have been open during my communications in the past that I do not have confidence in Montgomery. There have been too many “sketchy” situations involving Montgomery for my liking. Yes, there also have been several occasions where Montgomery has “gaslighted me.” I do not meet with Montgomery for these reasons.        

  The only method immediately available for Oakley residents to correct the situation is to replace the three councilmembers that will be seeking reelection on November 3rd.

George Fuller, MPA, MA

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