So, here it is again. The intersection for O’Hara Av and Main St came with promises and promised to relieve downtown traffic congestion. Main St will remain two-way East-West. Ohara Av traffic will feed into Main St East or West. In other words, no relief from downtown congestion – a gaslight. However, the intersection onto the vacant lot on the Northside of Main St is expanded into four lanes – readily evident even though the City attempts to hide the expansion with orange cones.

 It is evident, the intersection’s initial construction is preparing to build a 300-car parking lot for the train station and the train station itself. Kevin Rohani, Oakley’s City Engineer, has stated numerous times during City Council meetings that construction for the train station will not commence until 2021. Now, people connected with City Hall say the station will be in place at the end of 2020. In other words, immediately after the election. It is evident, based on the intersection construction, that the train station construction will commence soon. 

                The City has yet to provide documentation that a train of any type will make a stop in Oakley. Federal authorities will not provide documentation of a stop.

                My perception is the City is gaslighting again. There are City Council meetings before the new City Council being seated on December 8, 2020. We must be diligent in watching the agenda of the forthcoming Council meetings, and if the train station construction comes before the Council for approval, voice our opposition.

                My suggestion is to write to the San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority to voice your opposition to the train station’s financing. The address is:

                Stacey Mortensen, Executive Director, San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority, 949 Channel St, Stockton, CA 95202

                Also, contact our House of Representatives legislator. The address is:

                The Honorable Jerry McNerney, Representative, U. S. House of Representatives, Antioch Community Center, 4703 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA 94531

                Yes, we all know mass transit is “changing” in the Bay Area. BART is one billion dollars in debt and facing bankruptcy. CalTrain is ceasing operations in the San Mateo area. San Francisco Muni is facing bankruptcy. We, in Oakley, do not need a “commuter train.”

                Yes, the right solution is to replace the three councilmembers up for election November 3

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