Seeno comes to Oakley with their hands out again. Discovery Homes (Seeno) is asking the City Council, for a second time within two years, to rezone property on Brownstone Road, west of Main St, for their profit. Discovery Homes (Seeno) wants to construct houses in the residential low zone. The area being discussed is residential very low. Unfortunately, Bryan Montgomery, former City Manager and former city councils, failed to stand tall with the residents of Oakley, instead allowing developers unfettered access to zoning changes and building standards for their desires and profit. So, one comes to understand why Discovery Homes feels confident “they will have their way.”

The residents of the Brownstone area bought into the homes they developed with the understanding the site would retain a rural atmosphere and, believing the City would support their residential aspirations, did develop the houses for their families. Now Seeno would like the City Council to undermine Brownstone Rd, families’ hope and dreams for the ongoing future. I will indicate a no vote should a resolution come forward to allow the area’s rezoning.

The discussion concerning agenda item 7.1 will be interesting. Three council members (Shaw, Henderson, and Meadows) received four-figure dollar amounts for their election campaigns on the dais. Community input into the discussion is encouraged. Please consider attending the council meeting at City Hall this Tuesday, January 10, or contact the council members via email before 5:00 pm, January 10, to voice your opinions.

George Fuller, MPA, MA
     City Councilmember, City of Oakley, CA 

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