The City of Oakley’s Finance Director, Tim Przybyla, has distinguished himself in his service to the City. Oakley, after a California review of Oakley’s budget and financial reports has rated Oakley as the third highest rating municipal financial management in the state. The score was over ninety-eight percent regarding financial management and solvency.

          Also, Mr. Przybyla has revised budget reporting procedures so it is easily understandable and finite regarding sources of income, and expenditures, including special assessment districts in many neighborhoods in Oakley. I was stunned by the confusion, which often seemed deliberate, at least from my perspective, in how Oakley’s City Manager (Brian Montgomery) publicly presented the budget to the public. One reading the budget found it nearly undiscernible as to the total income collected by the City and how the council spent those funds. The City Council seemed to encourage Montgomery’s reporting

            Mr. Przybyla created a very readable and understandable budget report, allowing everyone in the City to understand the budget, not just a privileged few. I am enthusiastic that Mr. Przybyla chose to join the Oakley City Hall Family.

George Fuller, MPA, MA
     City Councilmember, City of Oakley 

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