Oakley’s zoning regulations are on the city council agenda, again, tomorrow night (Oct 11, 2022). I will call for a moratorium on issuing all building permits, CUP permits, variances, and other development projects. Tonight’s agenda calls for an indefinite continuance of the council reviewing the zoning regulations in the city. The situation has become unacceptable to me. It is also disrespectful to Councilmember Williams.

            Councilmember Williams called for zoning ordinance reviews over eighteen months ago. The first presentation to the council of the proposed changes met with a very hostile reception by some council members. The item was sent back “for further work.” Each time the proposals come to the dais, they return to city staff with a promise to the community that “we’ll get it together.” In the interim, developers have a free hand in the city’s development, with an impetus to “step things up” knowing zoning changes are pending in Oakley.

            It is an indefinite delay request, which usually means “never” in city hall jargon. My proposal is all development cease until the new zoning regulations are approved and implemented.

            Contacting your council members to encourage them to approve a moratorium must be done before tomorrow night’s council meeting.

George Fuller, MPA, MA
       Councilmember, City of Oakley, CA 

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