Election tidbits for Oakley election November 8, 2022 – I was reading through Shelly Fitzgerald’s website – Shelly Fitzgerald4Oakley.com – and came across her vision for Oakley. The concept is reflective of Ms. Fitzgerald’s passion and commitment to Oakley. Shelly Fitzgerald has demonstrated grit that reflects her work as an Emergency Services Registered Nurse in a major hospital in the Oakley area. Shelly has served the community residents with dedication during the pandemic, exposing herself to long hours and possible Covid infections in providing medical services through the treacherous period.

Ms. Fitzgerald has also demonstrated the same commitment to Oakley. She diligently researched the dangers that were proposed in the development of Laurel Plaza, while continuing her services as a nurse. Using her resources, she has rallied the community for the safety of the children attending Laurel Elementary School.

Ms. Fitzgerald is certainly my choice for the council member to serve District 2 in the forthcoming four years.

Below is a copy of Ms. Fitzgerald’s vision for Oakley.


Shelly is ready to take on the challenges Oakley is facing today, as well as set into motion solutions that will have a positive impact on residents’ safety and quality of life well into the future:

* Sustainable and safe growth and development – work to bring goods and services the community needs, while upholding the General Plan and keeping local control within the limits of the law.

* Protect and expand on Oakley’s beautiful outdoor spaces –  Work with local and regional partners along with developers to integrate pedestrian and bicycle access across the city.  Support preservation of Delta and agricultural resources.

* Jobs – Create living-wage local jobs by attracting new and diverse businesses to Oakley. Bring apprentice and training opportunities to Oakley.

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