. Oakley needs an elected, at large, Mayor, in my perception. Tuesday night (July 13, 2021), the Oakley City Council will consider councilmanic districts for the election of city council members (item 5.5). In my mind, creating councilmanic districts is long overdue. The initial thought is to create five councilmanic districts from which to elect council members. The Mayor would be appointed, on a rotating basis, by the council. However, recent events have convinced me of the need to have at large elected Mayor. The Mayor would be a voice for the community and work with council members to avert any council district disputes. The Mayor would preside over council meetings, ensuring council member was treated with equity and could ensure that City Staff worked equitably for the good of all in the City. The arrangement would be the same as Brentwood, Antioch, Martinez, and Richmond, to name just a few.

George S. Fuller
   City Councilmember, City of Oakley, CA 

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