Discussions of zoning considerations are on the dais agenda during Tuesday night’s (July 13, 2021) Oakley City Council meeting (item 7.2). The forum will include thoughts on the proliferation of storage facilities, gas stations, fast-food joints, and convenience stores in Oakley. Mayor Sue Higgins has proposed a red zone in Oakley, which includes all residents south or west of Main Street. Those residents in the red zone would benefit from a zone change curbing the listed businesses’ proliferation and initiate a building moratorium. Those outside the red zone would be subject to the whims of the developers regarding business development, as they are now. The residents outside the red zone are Vintage Parkway, Emerson Ranch, Delaney, Summer Lake, Quail Valley, Parklands, etc.

            My thoughts are yes, Oakley does need to address zoning regulations on an urgent basis. However, we are the City of Oakley. If there is to be a zoning modification, it needs to be for the entire city, not just privileged neighborhoods

            Now is the time to contact City Council members to express your opinions regarding the issue.

George Fuller, MPA, MA
City Councilmember, City of Oakley 

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