The discussion of the development of the acreage at the North end occurs at a Town Hall meeting on March 29, 2023, at 7:00 pm. The location is the Recreation Center, 1250 O’Hara Ave, Oakley. Bryan Montgomery, and prior councils working with him, designated the area as a Regional Park. There is no funding for such a park within the City budget. The purpose is to hear from the entire community about their thoughts on a Regional Park developed there or another location for a park expansion, i.e., Creekside Park, more suitable for expansion and use. (Creekside Park is in the Southeast portion of Oakley. The socio-economic level of the residents is below the remainder of the City. The area that is the most culturally inclusive in Oakley.)

The Oakley City Hall Family indicated that the use of the land needs a discussion on a City-wide basis. I have stated such from the dais. I encourage all Oakley people to step forward with their ideas for the future of Oakley and how the acreage can best serve all of the community residents. Yes, I have proposed questions regarding the situation that one may want to ponder. I have posted a link below to my ideas regarding the issue during the council meeting. Yes, two persons on the dais (Williams and Shaw) responded with venomous messages that I was calling for the complete abolishment of a regional park. The statement is simply not true.

Yes, to ensure that citizens are not misquoted or spuriously characterized if they disagree with others about the use of the land, I have requested that the meeting be recorded and memorialized. There is to be a recording of the session. I hope to see many there.

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