Mr. John A. Continente, Jr., has applied to open a cannabis manufacturing and distribution business in Oakley. The intended location for the cannabis business is 112 Shady Lane. I requested a “call forward” by the City Council, bypassing the Planning Commission in this particular business and bringing the matter directly to the council dais for approval (or disapproval).

            I will recommend that the council send the matter of cannabis operations to the voters of Oakley. The issue is complicated. I have previously mentioned that the Rotary Club of Oakley recently visited Antioch’s Cannabis Distributor, CoCo Farms. (A link to the picture of their visit is below.) Three Oakley council members are also members of the Rotary Club of Oakley (Meadows, Henderson, and Shaw). Also, the Oakley City Manager, Joshua McMurray, is a Rotary Club of Oakey member. The best way to ensure there is no bias from city officials regarding the distribution of cannabis in Oakley is to allow the voters to decide the issue.

            A further complication is Mr. Continente owns Hook, Link, and Sinker on Main St in Oakley. Mr. Continente employs Councilmember Henderson to manage the store. The Hook, Line, and Sinker does sell firearms at the store. Suppose Mr. Continente is allowed to operate a cannabis operation in Oakley. In that case, he will involve himself in drug sales and distribution in Oakley and also involves himself in firearms sales in Oakley. The thought of the combination of the businesses does make me “queasy.”

            The proposed name of the business is Continente Cannabis Production Co.

            Now would be the time to contact council members on the dais, encouraging them to “call cannabis forward” to the council dais for consideration. In the process, ask the council members to place the distribution of cannabis in Oakley in front of the voters.

George Fuller, MPA, MA
     City Councilmember, City of Oakley, CA 

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