In August 2021, a Delta Vista Middle School student suffered a fatal injury in a traffic collision with a train at the intersection of East Cypress Road and Main Street. In the accident, his sister, the driver of the car they were riding in, was seriously injured. I am asking for a further investigation of the accident.

 We are all aware that Tri-Delta Transit was in the process of constructing a parking lot on the Northeast corner of the intersection at the time of the accident. The original investigation, which took much time to complete, failed to ascertain if the construction activity at the intersection impacted the collision. Those who drove on Main Street regularly witnessed a flag person stop traffic on Main Street at various times. My concern is did the flag person have the traffic stopped on Main Street at the time of the accident. At least, in my perspective, a determination needs to be made if traffic was stopped on Main Street, preventing cars from turning right from East Cypress Road onto Main Street. Did such a traffic stoppage prevent the vehicle in the accident from tragically not moving off the railroad tracks?

George Fuller, MPA, MA
    City Councilmember, City of Oakley, CA

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