The City of Oakley’s City Council meeting has an interesting item to be reviewed. It is the housing report regarding affordable. As you are aware, the state is demanding that cities ensure the construction of affordable housing within their boundaries. The housing element plan provides a blueprint for the future construction of affordable housing.

            I am concerned. A disproportionate number of locations to build affordable housing are in what is now District 5 of the new city council districts. The essential boundaries of District 5 are everything East of Main Street and South of East Cypress Road.

Below is the URL to the draft proposal. A review of the locations will show many more affordable homes built in District 5. The situation is in addition to many new homes under construction in District 5. An example is the 57 new homes designated for the area around Creekside Park.

Also, I am concerned about the presentation of the draft proposal. The housing element draft states clearly that the draft would be considered in July by the Planning Commission and again by the City Council. City staff says that was an administrative mistake. I brought it to the attention of City Staff that we should postpone the item, which responded with a convoluted explanation, similar to what the City heard during the “Montgomery regime,” as to why the Council could review the draft in July. I disagreed with their conclusions. I will work to table the draft until August so all people in the City, especially District 5, can respond adequately.

Now would be the time to let the other council members know your opinions on the housing draft.

Oakley 2023-2031 Housing Element Update (

George Fuller, MPA, MA
     Councilmember, City of Oakley, CA  

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