There needs to be a special acknowledgment of the Oakley Police Department’s commitment to social justice and social equity. Last Tuesday night, May 27, 2022, the Oakley City Council (CA) approved the MOU between the City of Oakley and the Oakley Police Department officers. The Oakley officers asked for and received a holiday for June 19. It is known as Emancipation Day. The day commemorates the Emancipation Proclamation arriving in Texas on June 19, 1865.

We remember the Emancipation Declaration was the document that President Abraham Lincoln signed, freeing all enslaved people in the Southern United States. The declaration’s signature date was April 16, 1862. The paper did not reach Texas until June 19, 1865. Texas was the last state to receive the declaration. The delay was common during those days of horseback riding communication throughout the country.

The day is celebrated extensively in the American Black community and culture. It became the day that slavery ended in the United States. The title of Juneteenth was attached to the date.

Please note that the Oakley Police Department asked for the holiday in the place of a floating holiday awarded to them previously.

I appreciate the men and women of the Oakley Police Department for commemorating Juneteenth as a holiday for the Oakley Police Department.

George Fuller, MPA, MA
     City Councilmember, City of Oakley (CA) 

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