Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton exploits the marginalized for votes. Ms. Becton is infamous for refusing to prosecute criminal offenders. She is well known for searching for reasons not to prosecute criminal acts. The people who suffer most from this form of frivolity regarding crime are the marginalized members of our society—the marginalized live in high-crime areas and are more likely to become victims of crimes. Ms. Becton does little to protect them.

            Instead, she exploits their fears and anguish by focusing on prosecuting police officers working in Contra Costa County. She leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of persecuting the police in our communities. Yet, she assures herself and others privileges that she sees befit what she believes is her and their “station in life.” Ms. Becton plagiarized her application for District Attorney. Then she excused her nefarious action by saying, “it was a grammatical error.” Ms. Becton was married in her home backyard during the height of the pandemic. Thousands of other couples were forced to delay their wedding plans or be married virtually, but not “privileged Becton.”

            Perhaps the biggest insult to Contra Costa County residents was allowing disgraced former Contra Costa County Recorder Joseph Canciamilla to serve a one-year jail sentence in his luxury condo on Kaui. Canciamilla violated the trust of the county’s citizens by committing thirty-four felonies of using campaign funds for personal use. Canciamilla was sentenced to a year in county jail, but Ms. Becton acquiesced to Canciamilla serving his sentence under house arrest in Kaui.

            Below are three URLs detailing the events.

            Oakley, and Contra Costa County, need Mary Knox for our new District Attorney.

George Fuller, MPA, MA
     City Councilmember, City of Oakley, CA 

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