Mary Knox was a pleasure to meet with over the Christmas Holidays. As you probably recall, Ms. Knox is filing to be a candidate for the Contra Costa District Attorney’s position. Ms. Knox intends to unseat Diana Becton, our District Attorney. Ms. Knox has a definite plan to bring forthright law enforcement to Contra Costa County with integrity.

Ms. Knox has undoubtedly earned the position. She is a career prosecutor. During attempts to bring integrity to the DA’s office, she encountered the wrath of Diana Becton, who punished her for not supporting Diana Becton in the manner Ms. Becton desired. Then Ms. Becton fabricated a story of why events occurred with Ms. Knox. Subsequently, the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors voiced that Ms. Becton was lying and had unethically harassed Ms. Knox. Ms. Knox courageously continues to rectify the negativity in the Contra Costa County DA’s office.

I will be commenting further on these developments as we move towards the June election. In the interim, Mary Knox certainly has my support for the District Attorney of Contra Costa County.

George Fuller, MPA, MA
City Councilmember, City of Oakley, CA 

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