Documents – November 4, 2021, Oakley Governance City Council Meeting. On November 4, 2021, during the Oakley City Governance City Council Meeting, I presented a Nextdoor document regarding a post by City Councilmember Anissa Williams describing a “meeting” where she is “going to get things straight” regarding social media posts by City Councilmembers. The pertinent part of the post is in blue, highlighting found on the post’s third, fourth, and fifth pages. Also attached is a copy of the post I made on my website,, regarding my question asking the location of $20,000,000 of the City Money. Then-Mayor Romick, and Councilmember Alaura, were free to respond to the question, which was put forth on September 29, 2020, during the council election. Councilmember mentioned the September 29, 2020, post many times during the November 4, 2021, meeting.^J000^J000.docx

George Fuller, MPA, MA

City Councilmember, City of Oakley, CA

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