Where did the other $20,000,000.00 go? The City of Oakley City Council reviewed the 2020-2021 budget on June 23, 2020. The budget was “signed off” by City Manager Bryan Montgomery. Pages 32 and 33 of the account shows a beginning balance of $24,582,605.00. The ending balance projection is $25,924,530.00. Income for the year estimates is $43,729.273.00. The proposed expenditures for the year are $41,729,273.00.

            On page 45 of the budget, general fund expenditures for the year are $21,330.007.00. There is a discrepancy between the budgeted total spending for the City and general fund (operating) budget expenditures of $20,399,266.00. What happened to the twenty million dollars?

            Romick has repeatedly stated that the City budget is only $20,000,000.00. Consequently, according to Romick, the City cannot fund more police officers for the protection of the City residents. Enhanced fire services will not happen because of a budget of only $20,000,000.00. In other words, Romick, along with the City Council and Bryan Montgomery, are “squirreling away” $20,000,000.00 “someplace” while denying necessary services for the health, safety, and welfare of the community. This type of nefarious behavior has been going on for years, unfortunately.

            The only way to stop this “sketchy” activity in our City is to elect three new council members on November 3.

Links to the budget pages I listed are below.

Click to access city-budget-total-expenditures-2020-2021.pdf

 George Fuller, MPA, MA

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