Mr. Greg Hetrick, in my perspective, is a man of integrity, ethics, sound judgment, and a true love and commitment to the children of Oakley. Mr. Hetrick is the superintendent of the Oakley Elementary Unified School District (OUESD). Confronted with the catastrophic pandemic, Mr. Hetrick has led the OUESD with “grit.”

            As we know, children in elementary school are budding as flowers of knowledge—their ongoing nurturing regarding education. A break in those formative years can cause the flower to wilt. Greg Hetrick responded to the herculean challenge of ensuring that OUESD continues to educate their children. Such is his love of kids and the Oakley community.

            The Rotary Club of Oakley is preparing to distribute dictionaries to all children living in Oakley. The “game plan” is the family will come to their local school and obtain the dictionary, along with other supplies needed for the week. A person asked Mr. Hetrick how a child who was unable to travel to the school received the dictionary. Mr. Hetrick responded the district would take the dictionary to the child.

            My thoughts are Mr. Hetrick will drive the dictionary to the family himself. Such is his integrity and commitment to the children of Oakley.

 George Fuller, MPA, MA

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