In the last few days, Oakley residents have experienced cyberstalking from Jared Montgomery, who claims to be the son of Bryan Montgomery, City Manager of Oakley. Bryan Montgomery has verified that Jared Montgomery is his son. The cyberstalking initially started with me. Jared Montgomery was “trolling” my posts characterizing me a “liar,” “scum,” and other such negative characterizations. Jared Montgomery posted he would follow my every post and attack my integrity, which he did, often telling me, “I better watch out.” In other words, he was cyberstalking me, as defined by the California Penal Code section 646.9.

            My dismay was Thursday night (to my recollection Thursday night) Jared Montgomery became emboldened and began to cyberstalk any member of Nextdoor who expressed dissatisfaction with Bryan Montgomery. Jared Montgomery called those persons “liars,” “scum,” and other such negative terms. He repeatedly told the persons, “you better watch out. I am looking at your every post.” Jared Montgomery did “troll” those persons. In other words, he cyberstalked them.

            Jared Montgomery has indicated he is posting from Bryan Montogomery’s house at 6340 Brooks Court, Oakley. The address is in the vicinity of Neroly Rd and Empire Av.

            I have posted a picture of Jared Montgomery.

            Jared Montgomery’s Facebook page indicates he resides in Orem, Utah. He is a videographer, self-employed with JCVisuals. Jared goes on to state he is a volunteer EMT with the Cedar Valley Fire Department. He is visiting Oakley. Jared Montgomery’s Facebook page URL is:

Cyberstalking in California is a felony. Usually, one would contact their local police department to resolve the issue and investigate the crime. However, with Bryan Montgomery as City Manager, things are not “usual.” No one in Oakley government, including Bryan Montgomery or our new Chief of Police Dean Capeletti, has shown any inclination to “curb” Jared Montgomery.

Suppose you believe you are a victim of Jared Montgomery’s cyberstalking. In that case, the suggestion is you contact the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office. Explain the conflict of interest and your concerns. The best method of contact with the sheriff appears email. The email address is:

Also, the California Highway Patrol investigates crimes when there is a conflict of interest. The closet Highway Patrol Office is:

Contra Costa California Highway Patrol

5001 Blum Road

Martinez, CA

(925) 646-4980

I am not surprised by the situation. The circumstances mirror Bryan Montgomery’s management style in my mind.

The only sure way to stop the nefarious government behavior in Oakley is to put three new faces on the Council dais. I would ask your vote so to be a member of that new team.

            A link to the California Cyberstalking  Law, as it appears in the Penal Code, is: