Two superintendents of OUESD believe a McDonald’s drive-thru at Laurel Plaza is unsafe for students of Laurel Elementary School. I previously reported that one superintendent, Greg Hetrick (now retired), believed adding a drive-thru at McDonald’s would be unsafe for the school children. There is also a letter from the current superintendent of OUESD that finds the drive-thru at McDonald’s would be dangerous for the children of the school.

            Two people who the State of California credentials to provide a safe environment for children attending school. Two people who have worked with children most of their adult lives daily. Two people committed to education, training, and testing to become top administrators in their chosen profession. Both state that the McDonald’s drive-thru at Laurel Plaza is dangerous for children.

            The “traffic experts” completing the traffic impact CEQA refused to talk with the school authorities. The reason was they were the experts, and they counted the cars traveling in the area. Based on the quick visits, they determined the drive-thru was safe because of their expertise. The “experts” further implied that school administrators could not determine safety. I believe it was an arrogant response to a dangerous, life-threatening situation.

            Below are links to the two letters:

George Fuller, MPA, MA
     City Councilmember, City of Oakley 

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