Is the Oakley downtown parking lot for commuters or affordable apartments? Oakley residents have heard much of the three hundred car parking lot downtown. Ostensibly, it is for train riders for the yet to have final approval of an Amtrak train stop. However, the new Oakley General Plan has the area designated for residential high – a destination for affordable and residential units. In other words, affordable housing apartment units. Those apartment units will require parking space.

It appears that City Staff is providing the parking for the developer under the guise of commuter parking, a big break for the developer. City Staff is already planning to provide parking for the mercantile building being constructed across from City Hall. The recent passage of SB10 will allow for the units. The “RR stop” will be commuter designated. Therefore multiple units of apartments may be built near the stop. A large percentage of those units must be affordable. It is sad City Staff has not been more forthcoming regarding the issue.

Yes, I will be looking for a new City Manager who is more transparent. A copy of the proposed General Plan Map is attached. The areas in pink are Residential High zones. The map is from the proposed Oakley General Plan, pages 2-11. The proposed plan is on the Oakley City website.

George Fuller, MPA, MA

City Councilmember, City of Oakley

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