Need for Childcare Oakley City Council meeting – August 24, 2021. Joshua McMurray reminded me there is not a City Council meeting scheduled for August 24, 2021. On December 8, 2020, I did request one on that date. My colleagues indicated they did not want a second meeting in August. Bryan Montgomery schools were out at that time, so it was a Summer break for council members. City Councilmember Anissa Willams said she had three kids at home and did not want to take time away from them for a Council meeting. All five council members agreed that the council could meet in a special session during the summer if there were a need.

The time for such a special city council meeting is urgent in my mind. We need to get childcare support to the community. People are pleading for help. Oakley does have ARPA money (close to ten million dollars) for community childcare support. City Manager Joshua McMurray was to have a proposal to use the money prepared for the August 10th meeting. He put the item off until Sept 10. My thoughts are that it is too long for the community to wait, and the council needs to provide immediately. Yes, incidentally, all Oakley schools are in session.

A URL to December 8, 2021, meeting discussion is:

George Fuller, MPA, MA
    City Councilmember, City of Oakley 

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