The Oakley City Council will be considering recruiting an executive search firm to fill the vacant City Manager position. People need to speak to council members regarding the subject. Mayor Higgins and Vice Mayor Pope went rogue, with the help of City Attorney Cole, and proceeded, behind the backs of City Council members, to select Joshua McMurray to be the Interim City Manager. My perspective is we need a search firm to complete a nationwide search for the new City Manager. The search firm would find three candidates for the entire City Council to interview the three candidates and select one to be the new City Manager. City residents are entitled to have a commitment from City Council members to respect the selection criteria and not “go sideways” and choose a person that the search firm did not recommend.

            Incidentally, there is evidence that the Indio City Manager Bryan Montgomery continues to have communication with council members (trust me, not I) and city staff.

George Fuller, MPA, MA
  City Councilmember, City of Oakley 

3 thoughts on “Oakley City Manager search update

  1. George,
    Thank you for this transparent information. I’m thankful for your candidness. It’s truly upsetting and disheartening to read that suspicions of City Council Members poor behaviors are true. What can the community do to support your recommended process?

    Concerned Community Member of Oakley

    1. Dear Ms. Duran,

      Please excuse the delay in reaching back out to you. Your message did “get buried,” and I apologize. The best I can suggest is to continue to communicate with current council members. Communicate via email, Nextdoor, attend meetings. Comment during public comments. My perception is there are members on the dais that are astounded by the interest of the community in what is transpiring in the City government, and they are listening. Thanks for reaching out.

  2. George, is it unlawful or against city practices for Bryan Montgomery to continue to have communication with Oakley council and staff? Thanks, concerned citizen

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