Mayor Higgins and Councilmember Williams have requested that a review of zoning ordinances completed. The intent is to resolve the plethora of gas stations, fast food outlets, and car washes working their way into Oakley. A zoning review of zoning ordinances by the City Council would seem to be favorable.  However, Mayor Higgins wants to create a “red zone” where zoning changes would take place. The remainder of Oakley would remain open territory for the whims of the developers. The “red zone” is south of Main Street as Main Street extends east from the Western limits to Cypress Ave.  As Main St proceeds south from Cypress Av, all residents west of Main St would be within the “red zone.” Any City of Oakley zoning reform protecting the “red zone” would exclude any location outside its boundaries.

            I perceive the “red zone” will become a “zone of privilege.” Four of the current Oakley City Council members (Pope, Higgins, Meadows, and Williams) reside in the “zone of privilege.” The three council members who left the dais in December (Romick, Krieg, and Alaura) reside in the “privilege zone.” Bryan Montgomery, the former City Manager, lived in the “zone of privilege.” Only one council member (myself) resides outside the “zone of privilege.”

            Vintage Parkway, Parklands, Emerson Ranch, Delaney, and Summer Lakes are outside the “zone of privilege.” Those areas would continue to subject to the onslaught of fast food, gas stations, car washes, and convenience store development. Indeed, social injustice and the marginalization of the City of Oakley residents outside the “zone of privilege.” Now is the time to communicate with the Oakley City Councilmembers and City Staff concerning your thoughts regarding creating a “zone of outcasts” and juxtaposed to a “zone of privilege.”

George Fuller, MPA, MA
City Councilmember, City of Oakley, CA 

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