Tuesday night’s City Council meeting is one of the most significant events in the City’s twenty-one-year history. A new city manager is up for section for the first time in fifteen years. The community has the opportunity to participate in the selection. Suppose the City Council makes the right decision and goes with an executive search team to find a city manager candidate. In that case, community focus groups will assist the search team in their decision process. My perspective is Bryan Montgomery, along with Sue Higgins and Randy Pope, are shutting out the community and the council (they have yet to reach out to me) and the community.

                We do not want to be in the same situation as the citizens’ City of Indio. They are reported not to have had a voice in selecting Bryan Montgomery for their city manager decision. Now is the time to contact Oakley’s City Council members and give them feedback on the new city manager selection process.

George Fuller
City Councilmember, City of Oakley 

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