Is the selection of the new City Manager of Oakley going to be a “fast one?” The appointment is on the City Council agenda for next Tuesday’s City Council meeting. I understand that Mayor Higgins, Vice Mayor Pope, Bryan Montgomery, and City Derek Cole met behind closed doors and made a selection. The community does not know the person selected.

            The game plan is to present the name to the City Council members (I discovered, by accident, Montgomery was leaving the City after the four met) for approval. The session will take place in a closed session. If the council approves the person, the City Council will discuss the person’s approval during the public session.

            The public will not be allowed advance 72-hour notice of the person selected and voice their opinion. Also, the contract will be approved at the time, without public input, even if it contains a provision for the Interim City Manager to be afforded a mortgage for the person’s home.

            In my mind, not the way to go.

George Fuller
City Councilmember, City of Oakley

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