My perspective of possible choices for an inside Interim City Manager upon Bryan Montgomery leaving the City of Oakley would be Kevin Rohani, Nancy Marquez-Suarez, and Joshua McMurray. All three have worked closely with Montgomery for many years and mirror his style of administration. They have developed projects with Montgomery specifications during that time, closely working with him in the process. I would suspect that any of the three would maintain close contact with Montgomery, and Montgomery would guide Oakley projects from Indio.

                If the City wants to follow a new direction and be “our town,” the best course of action would be to bring in an experienced city manager from outside Oakley City Hall to guide us through the next six months as we select a new City Manager. In the process, we can work with an executive search firm to find a City Manager who would be the “best fit” for Oakley. Such a firm would locate an interim City Manager with experience and integrity to serve our City. An example of such a firm is Avery and Associates.

George Fuller, MPA, MA
Councilmember, City of Oakley 

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