The most crucial task for a City Council is the selection of a new City Manager. The City Manager has broad authority and responsibilities to ensure that the City policies are in place and completed professionally. The impact upon the citizens is immense, as we all know. The City of Oakley is experiencing the section process for the first time in fifteen years. The Council must ensure a professional selection process.

            I was concerned when I discovered late Bryan Montgomery was leaving our City. Ostensibly missed a “group text.” It was further bewildering when I learned Mayor Higgins and Vice Mayor Pope were acting as the ad-hoc council committee to select the new city manager without my knowledge. The two and with Bryan Montgomery before I knew of Montgomery’s departure. Bryan Montgomery informed all Councilmembers he would forward a detailed list of “what needed completion for fill his spot.”

            I did question the direction the Council was moving in filling the vacancy. Fortunately, our city attorney Derek Cole stepped forward and provided a more professional route to follow, at least in my perspective. Hopefully, we will continue on his suggested path.

            I do believe we should have an “outside” interim City Manager. Also, I do think a six-month nationwide search for a new manager would be in order. There are executive search teams who can complete the task. In the process, those teams will interview city residents, learn of our city hall procedures, and find the “right fit” for all. Such firms as Peckham & McKenney and Alliance Resource Consulting LLC are available “to do the job right.”

            The residents of Oakley must monitor the City Manager process and be vocal with council members of your thoughts regarding a new City Manager for the City of Oakley.

George S. Fuller
City Councilmember, City of Oakley, CA 

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