Disheartened. Below is a link from the East Bay Times, March 13, 2021, relating that unemployment is much higher than anticipated in the Bay Area. During last Tuesday’s City Council meeting the council directed City Manager Bryan Montogomery to place on the agenda a council work session regarding childcare and to also ascertain if businesses could benefit from support. The purpose was to determine if the City could benefit from the American Relief Act. Oakley is slated to receive 8 million dollars from the Act, which everyone knows was passed last Thursday. Thursday Montgomery contacted me. He said there was no space available for childcare in Oakley. Montgomery said the City should take the 8 million dollars of relief money and build another “phase” to the Recreation Center. Montgomery said there will a less of a need for childcare because the schools are reopening, and the schools will care for the children. I was disheartened. Our City is suffering because of the pandemic, and even more, suffering is on the horizon. However, our City Manager thinks the “absolute best thing” for Oakley is to build more square footage at the Rec Center. I disagree. Your feedback on how to resolve the conflict would be appreciated.

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