Oakley government needs to use eminent domain for the community common good, not to force marginalized persons from their community. All residents in Oakley, or at least all in my perception, are aware of the Eastbound Laurel Road, East of O’Hara Avenue, bottleneck where Laurel Rd goes from the two lanes to one. The reason for the bottleneck is a power pole standing on land where the second lane would transverse. The City has twice stated the property owner refuses to sell it, and the City refuses to seize it via eminent domain, indicating that the landowner has some “privilege.” Now shift your attention to the north side of the intersection of Main St and O’Hara Street. There were four small blue houses at the location. The address was 3486 Main St. Several disabled persons resided at the location. I understand an elderly couple relied on the location for rents paid, which was supporting them in their retirement. The Oakley Government power structure decided to seize the homes according to eminent domain. The purpose was to build a driveway to what they hope will be a 3.5-million-dollar train station with a 300-car parking lot. The power structure seized the homes and displaced the disabled persons, and then demolished their homes. Yes, the disabled persons were marginalized and carried no privilege in the community. In my mind, Oakley Government indiscriminately utilizes eminent domain to marginalize marginalized members of the community further. However, they protect the privileged despite the dangers and discomfort it imposes on the community members. The only way to stop this abuse is to place three new members on the Council dais on November 3rd. I ask for your vote to be a member of that new team. Below is a link to the Council resolution to seize the property under eminent domain.


George Fuller, MPA, MA

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