As the City of Oakley people move forward from the Pandemic, there will be an immediate need for ongoing 24/7 childcare. Unemployed parents, and thus suffered greatly from the Pandemic, financially and emotionally, will be returning to work. Often this will necessitate parents working at more than one job to pay for debts that occurred during the period. Also, many parents who worked from home will be directed to return to their usual work locations, away from home. If childcare is not available many families will be stymied in their attempts to regain their financial footing. 24/7 childcare will be mandatory as parents begin staggered shifts for shelter in place accommodations at their work sites.

            The City of Oakley must plan to implement such childcare. Oakley needs to support its citizens during these traumatic times. Failure to do so will only create ongoing suffering within many families. Families will be denied their opportunity to regain their footing if such daycare is not available for them.

            Oakley has the resources to create such a childcare system. The City could liquidate the property it owns at Jersey Island Rd and Dutch Slough Rd and utilizes the funds for childcare services. Liquidation of 3070 Main St, which the City also owns, would be feasible and the money applied for childcare development. Yes, of course, money that continues to be made available to private concerns in the downtown area could be eliminated. This would allow more tax money to go for City essential services such as childcare.

         I ask for your vote on November 3, 2020.

George Fuller, MPA, MA
CEO, Daniel Jonathan Fuller Memorial Fund

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